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Zend Framework

So, I took the plunge today into the Zend Framework


So, 3 hours later, here I am:

Wow! What craftiness! What pizzazz! Right? Right?

…right? *ahem*

This is after fighting Apache for 1.5 hours and trying to find a suitable tutorial to learn this stuff. And another 1.5 hours just to walk through the tutorial and set it all up.

Note that I didn’t “write” any lines of code, all I did was copy and paste around 330 lines of code spanning 12 files that I would have otherwise had to write by hand. And keep in mind, this is stuff like “here’s what to do when you sign a guestbook” (in a controller), “here’s what to display when you’re about to sign a guestbook” (in a form), “here are all of the getters and setters for a guestbook entry” (in a model), “here is how you access all of the information in a guestbook” (in a model mapper), and the list goes on…

To me, this is horrifying. Coming from a GRAILS background, I shouldn’t have to worry about the subtleties of creating a controller, model, or view until much, much later in the project (and by much, much later, I mean, right after my domain classes are made–which doesn’t take very long). I should be working out bugs and testing use cases, not creating a database, creating a model for it, a model mapper (wth?), a controller, a view, and a form (MVCF framework, anyone?).

Sure, PHP is great. I do enjoy a bit of PHP programming once in a while. But for website building? All I got to say is you better know your stuff, or else making a website out of PHP is going to take a lot more time than making a website using GRAILS.

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